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Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

Sunday 17 August 2003  (7pm-10pm)

Another prolonged standing ovation!

The first pictures!


A sensational show featured the newly crowned world champion pipe band The House of Edgar SHOTTS & DYKEHEAD Pipe band, who won back their title the previous day at Glasgow Green.

All the performers were magnificent and the audience was wonderful, standing and applauding and singing throughout the finale.


Next stop: Nottingham Royal Concert Hall.


First feedback from Glasgow:  

"My wife and myself are regular attenders at the Royal Concert Halll and this is the most magnificent show we have seen here"

Other feedback welcome.



Click on pictures to enlarge. Pictures courtesy "Scottie"

EmmaSinging5242c.jpg (35454 bytes)

Emma MacInnes

moira5272d.jpg (36130 bytes)

Moira kerr

StuDSCF5285.JPG (47516 bytes)

Stuart Barbour

BrassDSCF5223.JPG (50588 bytes)

Scottish Co-op

Mathieson5298c.jpg (66705 bytes)

P/M Robert Mathieson

Highland5306c.jpg (75100 bytes)

Edinburgh Tattoo 

Highland Ceilidh Dancers

VirginiaShottsDSCF5218.JPG (35771 bytes)

Drum Major 

Virginia McLennan

Irish5231c.jpg (51532 bytes)

Taylor Academy 

Irish Dance

CountryDSCF5225.JPG (48380 bytes)

Royal Scottish 

Country Dance

Shotts5209c.jpg (90958 bytes)

The House

of Edgar

Shotts5215c.jpg (48516 bytes)

Shotts & Dykehead

Pipe Band

Shotts5246c.jpg (85822 bytes)

Newly crowned

World Champions 2003

Highland5243c.jpg (71263 bytes)

Billy Forsyth's

Highland5244c.jpg (54224 bytes)

Edinburgh Tattoo

Highland5305c.jpg (65344 bytes)

Highland Ceilidh Dancers

CountryDSCF5224.JPG (50770 bytes)

Royal Scottish

CountryDSCF5226.JPG (45749 bytes)

Country Dance

CountryDSCF5227.JPG (46627 bytes)


Irish5238c.jpg (48995 bytes)


Irish5235c.jpg (61291 bytes)


Irish5239c.jpg (56170 bytes)

of Irish Dance

BrassDSCF5216.JPG (50499 bytes)

Scottish Co-Op Band

Scottish Champions 2003

moiraEmma5322c.jpg (70378 bytes)

Moira & Emma 

Stuart5341c.jpg (65593 bytes)



Email your feedback to:

Tel/Fax: 01722 332233


Performers: Scottish singing stars Moira Kerr & Stuart Barbour
plus Scottish Co-op the Scottish Champion Brass Band, Champion Highland Dancers,newly crowned world champions The House of Edgar SHOTTS & DYKEHEAD CALEDONIA Pipe Band, Elite demonstration teams of Royal Scottish Country Dancers and Irish Dancers from the Taylor Academy of Irish Dance.

 National Mod Gold Medal Gaidhlig (Gaelic) Singer EMMA MacINNES from North Uist.  Emma stole their hearts.

 The featured Highland dancers was Billy Forsyth's Edinburgh Tattoo Highland Dancers






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