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Ian McLennan


Contact: 01722 332233

Ian is proud to have conceived, researched, written, staged and promoted 

"The 4 Scottish Tattoos' at The Royal Albert Hall"

Braveheart 1999, The Maclennium 2000,

The Highland Spirit 2001 & Scotland Forever 2002

In addition looking forward to The Scottish Tattoo Tour 2003 featuring "The Massacre of Glencoe".


The Scottish Tattoo is increasing in popularity after spectacular shows of Scotland Forever in Glasgow Royal Concert Hall and Birmingham Symphony Hall - 2 of the finest venues in the UK.

As a result, instead of a huge show at RAH, Ian has developed a 7 centre tour for 2003 using the Massacre of Glencoe Script, much loved in the South of England.


The Grand Finale RAH 

1999 was an earth moving experience for Ian!  After 29 years with BT as a Senior Manager, Ian left and promoted the first ever "Scottish Tattoo at The Royal Albert Hall" the theme of which was "Braveheart" and traced the history from the treaty of Salisbury in 1286 to the Declaration of Arbroath in 1320.  This was followed by "The Scottish Show, South Coast Tour" which ended with a standing ovation in Bournemouth International Centre.  This show was "The Massacre of Glencoe" and led the audience decide who was really responsible for the massacre - Campbells, MacIain of Glencoe or Sir John Dalrymple.  On each occasion Sir John won an overwhelming vote!

After 5 Wessex Tattoo's (raising funds for performers), 4 Scottish Tattoo at RAH, 4 Tours, mostly in the South of England and numerous other Scottish related shows,  Ian has has.  In addition to writing the script, promoting and staging the Tattoos, Ian also writes the programmes, obtains advertising,created and updates The Scottish Tattoo website (inc sound and pics) and has produced 4 CDs from the RAH Tattoos.


In his spare time Ian is proud to be elected as a Salisbury District Councillor, representing his local village of Laverstock. He is also vice chairman of the Environment & Transport Scrutiny Panel and a council representative on the South Wilts Economic Partnership (SWEP).   

An ardent follower of Burnley Football Club.

Up the Clarets!



Ringwood Pipe Band



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