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The Scottish Tattoo at The Royal Albert Hall

Audience feedback from the Royal Albert Hall

"Highland Spirit Tattoo" 2001

Excellent 83.6%  Very Good/Good 16%

Audience praise and criticisms

Great Entertainment. Highlight Highland Cathedral with massed bands. Dancers great
Dance Band ok. Corries man not for finale.
Enjoyed the evening enormously.
Lang may yer lum reek
Many many congratulations. Well worth watching Most impressed.
Another great show. Ronnie Browne & Irish Dance a welcome addition.
Music very moving, dance great to watch - wanted to join!
Highland Dance stole show. Look forward to next year. RAH great venue
Great Show, just enjoyed the whole thing. Atmosphere terrific.
BRILLIANT! Your best yet - looking forward to next year -well done!!
Short interval speech appreciated as well. Liked everyone esp Pipes & drums/Gaelic Choir. Your own ticket service to be praised too.
A most enjoyable performance full of variety, entertainment and colour.
Enjoyed the Irish children dancers, so controlled,confident. Costumes finest/ beautiful I have ever seen. Highland Dancers very graceful & rhythm prominent. Ronnie Browne's golden voice a treat. Bands excelled.
No item I did not enjoy! A most enjoyable evening - my first experience.
Excellent Esp Highland cathedral and young dancers &  Ronnie Browne.
Loved them all. Sorry we missed first 2 tattoos. Not Scots but have cousins
Scot Dancing Excellent esp children. Bands excellent.  Too long. Cut out history/characters/Ronnie Browne.
Enjoyed all show. History was a bonus. Esp enjoyed dancing and children.
A very good all round show
Spoilt by Ronnie B. His spots out of keeping with rest of show.
Whole show very well produced & choreographed - esp children's routines.
Advertise more! Scot's are far more passionate about their country.
Very enjoyable but too long! Exc. All bands/Musicians. V.G. Dancing.
Good History, John Scott singing. OK Highland Lady singing. xG Ronnie B.
Fantastic & very spectacular!!! Like a bright holiday that you would like to continue endlessly! Will visit Scotland now - magnificent & mysterious.
Kids gorgeous. Let audience dance!
Another triumph to rival Edinburgh-& under cover! Children Highland D. good would like to see more seniors. Irish - a change but not too much eg Ed. Multinational and not Highland Heritage.
Particularly like Dancing & Craigellachie + choir.
Enjoyed the night. Late husband Scot. Print words to songs.
Sometimes broad accents diff. To understand. Lovely evening anyway.
Sound not great -diff hearing actors. Dance+Bands favourites
Big venue for solo perf. Good to see Ronnie B but not good venue for him.
Overall vg - our first. Organisation of all participants was excellent.
Enjoyed show. It was very clear & precise. More bands in arena & more tenor drummers. Bring back community singing instead of solo singer.
Country dancers very good and colourful but too often.
Enjoyed v. much but more band & P&Ds playing together plse.
Great Show!
Both enjoyed the show - really excellent in every way.
Amazing, Tremendous Scottish Show. Fav. Le Chridhe & Highland Cathedral.
Atended all 3 tattoos!
Another great show. Please repeat.
Too Long. Last singer pain in neck. Lie to come again as mostwas excellent.
Ronnie B. not right for the show.Anti-climax to otherwise 1st rate show.
Ronnie B too long at end. Cut hornpipe to save time. More actors.
Less dancing but have sword dancing. Keep P&Ds
2nd row circle. Sound not loud enough when actors spoke.
Thoroughly enjoyable. Diff to pick favs as all so good. Irish Dancers lovely.
Highland Cath most stirring. A bit long!
Very good evening. Full of atmosphere & happiness. All performers praised.
Ronnie B. excellent folk singer but out of place. Still great evening.
Fine first half. Lost momentum 2nd half. Singer not good spoilt end.
Too much dancing. More P&Ds plse. Taz excellent singer & Le Chridhe.
Fiddles great. Ronnie B too long. Mil Band excellent.Fiona/John/Elizabeth v.g
Dancers exc. Esp. Irish,sailors hornpipe & swords. More community singing.
Pipers marvelous. Show too long. Ronnie B disappointing.
Actors/singers could be louder sometimes. More harpist & choir less solo singer. He should concentrate on more trad songs.
More pipes plse. Disappointed by Ronnie B.
Enjoyed the evening very much and had great view of own dance team.
Enjoyed the show. Except Ronnie B "content" at end.
Grand show. Thanks to all who take part.
How do you present such a wonderful evening's entertainment?
Truly amazing. Congrats to all. Our seats superb.
Children stole show (as usual). I sang "Flower. of Scotland"
Enjoyable. Pipe & Drums best
Very High Spirited!!
Excellent all round.
Excellent. Like children dancing and bands best.
Favourites Children & combined bands.
Most enjoyable. Keep up the good work See you in 2002.
Excellent performers. Ronnie Browne out of place.
Excellent performance. All superb. Storyline brilliant. Fave P&Ds. Didn't want it to end. Truly wonderful, unforgettable evening. See you next year.
P&Ds VG. Singing at end difficult to understand words - did not enjoy.
How about a tribute to Andy Stewart, Jimmy Logan, Jimmy Shand?
Thankyou for v.enjoyable evening. Dancing was a great pleasure too,
Too long. Adult dances too similar.
Thoroughly enjoyed except "Star" RB. Out of place.
Tattoo was brilliant and stood extremely well on its own. No need for star. Atmosphere changed. Looking forward to next year and deserves a sell out.
Enjoyed the show except RB swore twice - not good for the children.
More pipes plse. Enjoyed the show. Liked Irish, too much Country. Keep it up.
It was GREAT! Really enjoyed it. Reminded us of our holidays.
Not Scots but have great affinity. Plse do more! Thank you.
Country Dancers came on to same music each time - repetitive. 
We like Ronnie B. but attitude/performance not fitting to theme.
BRILLIANT Performance,as usual by all.Well done. Look forward to next one.
Pipe Bands excelled as usual. More audience participation. 3rd Visit
Very much enjoyed. More fiddlers next time.
Another enjoyable show with an atmosphere electric and at times emotional. Well done
Enjoyed v. much, particularly P&Ds, but fav. Was Craigellachie. More Le Chridhe & Clarsach, less Ronnie Browne. Keep up good work.
We thank you for a brilliant evening!  Again so much effort by all involved.  It really showed!
This leaves only one problem.  A bigger box next year as good news travels fast!
What a show- and finale! Must be v. proud of yourself. Ronnie Browne & Irish D stole show
Congratulations on another fantastic programme, I thoroughly enjoyed it as did my friends
Congratulations another winner! Our 3rd Tattoo. As we are all dancers, it would be nice to see the dance teams do some of the dances we know. Need more singalong.
Well done for a fantastic performance.
Had a really good evening. Took my uncle who got into the spirit. Look forward to the next.
Congratulations, an excellent show and an absolute honour for me to take part.
Had a great time. Thanks for all the work you did. Fav. P&Ds + kids.
Brilliant! Seeing Ronnie Browne again was the icing on the cake.
The event was fantastic!
Great! Military Band esp Sunset/Eve Hymn. Could not believe all aspects inc tech stuff happened in 1 day. Excellent planning - nice one!
A great top-up! Thank you. It struck me how many varieties of dance were performed.
A great strength. Attending a concert is so narrow by comparison. Look forward to next yr.
Memorable! Ran like clockwork with wonderful sounds from the pipes, drums and bands.
Congratulations on producing another ' spectacular '. Performers all great. Ronnie B. in good form.  Gaelic Choir icng on cake. Sound of their voices an inspiration. Great stuff!
Better than ever. Appreciated the variety and enjoyed the intro of Irish Dance/Gaelic Choir.
Pipers excellent & great to se the children too.
Had to leave at 9.50 for return journey. Earlier Start?
Best:Highland lady, Le Chridhe, Clarsach, Children. Not so good: Choir lacked conviction. Ladies voices must be more vital. Tenor soloist could be stronger/clearer diction. Mil. Band more mellow and use arena. Truer lines on P&Ds although impressive. Double beats a little crude. TDs more flamboyant & D/Ms. Need Marines Retd Dir of Music. Much more potential here.
History: Enterprising. Narrator more enthusiasm. Why did Gaelic become "Garlic"? McGregor too broad an accent. Speak slower. Overall: Highly commended. Weak link Ronnie B. A tip "Persuade participants reward is perfection not the number of times they appear.
Insufficient P&Ds/Marching. Dancing could be more varied.
Children 1st half only. Limit History. Show now "Goodwill" and musical progress. Marching Band & Pipes & drums. Bring Choir to front.




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