The 3rd Scottish Tattoo

at The Royal Albert Hall

Sunday 22 April 2001 "The Highland Spirit"

Script + New MP3 Sound clips

and now the Pictures Ian 3 November 2001

It is important to remember that between all the sound tracks and wee speeches there is much music, song and dance. The storyline, although important in conveying the history is secondary to a wonderful and festive evening's entertainment.           Ian McLennan  

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  Robert MacGregor was born a Highlander, but his family moved away when he was very young.  He does return to visit relatives occasionally but that is his only contact.  On a night out with friends, he was persuaded to wear his very old family plaid - handed down through the generations - to a fancy dress party.  As he is dressing - regretting his choice of fancy dress - he mocks the plaid and renounces his connection with the Highlands.  His mockery causes a "Highland Lady" spirit to appear and chastise him for his contempt.  She promises to re-awaken his own "Highland Spirit" with stories of the Highlands and the indomitable Highlanders.  Each speech and sound track, as usual, trigger the music, song and dance.  Will she be successful? Enjoy your read and the show if you catch it.

  MacGREGOR (looks into imaginary mirror at himself)

Now what do you look like Robert MacGregor? A right Charlie or what?  How did you let your friends talk you into going to a fancy dress party dressed as a Highlander when you haven't lived there since you were wee?  Never listen to your pals when you've had a drink or two! It was lucky, we had this old family plaid in the cupboard.  Anyway, this plaid is supposed to have been handed down through generations of the family, so deep down I must be a Highlander at heart - whatever that means. (strong emphasis on "whatever that means")  

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  Sound Track 1

  MacGregor looks shocked

Highland Lady

(sharply) "Whatever that means?"  You have MacGregor blood running through you and many other clans besides, through family marriage. Never forget you carry the spirit and memories of Highlanders long since dead, but who have made their mark for good or ill, not only on the Highlands of Scotland but on the world.  You have a passion Rob MacGregor but all too often you follow the easy path instead of standing up for your beliefs in true Highland spirit.


Who are you and how did you get into my room? And what's more what gives you the right to lecture me about the way I go about my business?

Highland Lady

Perhaps I am your conscience Rob MacGregor - pricked once too often and stirred by the plaid so bravely worn by many a MacGregor before you and now mocked by you. I will awaken the spirit in you - unleashing a passion you have never before felt - but will never again forget.    

MacGREGOR (Sarcastically)  

Oh aye and how are you proposing to do that then give me a few drams and sing "Roaming in the Gloaming?"

  Sound Track 2 (see next for abbreviated version)

MacGregor startled again

Highland Lady

Mock when you are blind to the truth MacGregor, but I will open your eyes to the world of the Highlands and Highlanders from the first people to your own time.  A people so proud, they have a fighting spirit tested since time began, yet who would share their last meal with a stranger and shelter him from the cold.  Their land is your land MacGregor and their history too.  Their spirit is born of the land but honed through generations of hardship and exploitation.  Always, they find a way to show their worth.  Often when pressed the hardest their spirit shines through.  

So, Robert MacGregor, now I have your attention let our story commence.