The 3rd Scottish Tattoo

"The Highland Spirit"

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The first known Highlander was named by the Romans as "Calgagus the swordsman" Tall, red haired and thick of limb. He belonged to one of numerous tribes all named collectively by the Romans as Picti - the painted ones. The greatest of these tribes - the Caledonii inhabited the central highlands and beyond.  Fierce warriors all and not vanquished by the Romans.   To you and me, these painted warriors are - "The Picts"  - the first "Cock's of the North"  

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After the Romans others came to test the Picts in battle. They stopped fighting between their own tribes and fought as one people with one king. The first king of all Picts was Oengus.  Norse, Scots from Ireland, North Britons, Normans and Angles all sought to take the land for their own.  All were repelled at a price.  More than a century later a Norse invasion wiped out the royal family of Eoghan - last king of all Picts.  Norsemen occupied the very north and the northern and western isles.                             

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The Scots from Ireland had settled in Galloway then part of Dalriada. Their king Kenneth MacAlpin - the Hardy - with Pict blood in his veins - occupied the remaining land and became "Ard-Righ Albainn - First King of all Picts & Scots. 

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These times were fierce but also times of feasting and musical celebration.  

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As the people entertained themselves many stories were told of invincible swordsmen, loch monsters, giants, speaking stones, of singing trees and fairies.



Sings "Spirits of the Highlands" which acts as intro to fairies - Highland Dancers

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