The 3rd Scottish Tattoo

"The Highland Spirit"

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and now the Pictures Ian 3 November 2001


It's all well and good telling me old stories but when it comes down to it I don't have much in common with these guys. Although I love the Highlands, I haven't lived in the Highlands since I was a bairn. I only return to see my family. 


Highland Lady                                                                                        

We will continue without interruption MacGregor.

Sound Track 8                                        

Edward I - Longshanks - schemed to rule Scotland, having taken Wales by force.  His plan failed with the death of the Maid of Norway. So he sent his army instead.  All would have been lost but for two men William Wallace in the south and Andrew de Moray in the Highlands. Together they routed the English at Stirling Bridge. Their victories inspired Robert Bruce and after many fierce battles and the loss of many of his family, he became King of a free Scotland, at Bannockburn in 1314.  Time and again the Highland clans answered the call of these men. They fought valiantly for their freedom and to preserve their simple but harmonious life, at one with the elements.  

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I'm getting the feel for this now. A few good battles a fish supper and no doubt a whisky to wash it down!  

HIGHLAND LADY                                                                                        

You don't know the half of it MacGregor as you sit there bearing a name that was all but exterminated.  But before you draw breath once more, take some minutes to think on what you have seen and heard then return to hear tales to awaken your spirit.


Oh Ok! See you back in 20 when I have done my hair!