The Scottish Tattoo 2002

"Scotland Forever"


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Strangers on a Coach

The Scottish Novel that makes the ideal present

A stunning introduction to Scotland and the excitement of Edinburgh at Festival time! Join the coach party from the Borders to the Highlands, with 'Sherlock Holmes' and a young Canadian linked to Bonnie Prince Charlie.  Jewel thieves, money launderers - and the police - a tale of mystery and suspense.  "A very good read" - from Scots writer Della mason.  For "The Scottish Tattoo" readers: Books individually signed by the author, personal message if required...."an unusual present". Genealogy websites. Travel by Coach Series from:

Travelogue Publications PO Box 3751 Bournemouth

BH1 1YJ England

 Phone: 01202 296487

Price: 5.99 (plus post/packaging 40p)