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The Scottish Tattoo 2002

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Another great year and all thanks to the programme supporters.  This year, we have produced a bumber 28 pages containing the script, the performer detail, photographs and of course the advertisements of the individual supporters.

This is a luxury prodcution with lacquered finish and certainly a collectable to be cherished. You may purchase your copy for 3 including postage. Mail Ian: ianmclennan@thescottishtattoo.com


Please take the time to look at the supporter websites and support them with your purchases.

My thanks to them all. 

Ian McLennan



The following companies have kindly supported the production of an additional insert for the programme, to facilitate the inclusion of additional performer detail in the 2002 programme.

Programmes from the "Scotland Forever" Tattoo can be purchased direct from Ian (contact as below) Price 3 inc postageThey are still valid for the Scotland Forever Tour 2002 August/September

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